Welcome to our Site! We are excited to give you a little information about us.....

First maybe a little history:

Réal and Steve met back in the old high school days at the age of 15! (Yes we were 15 once, with 26" waists!). Our first band together was called "Magnum". We started by playing 50's/60's music (of course!), a lot of BTO and Beatle music. Réal is the guy in the middle with the reddish guitar and Steve is the tall guy playing bass. Magnum

We played together probably up till just after high school; then as life has it we both meet our ladies , one of us got married at 19..

Zoom ahead a number of years (we are still 17! at heart in any case), and one day Réal who was playing in a band with his wife went on the hunt for a replacement bass player. We placed an ad online... A few hours later Réal received a phone call to say that a guy named "Steve" called and offered to play bass for us.. I asked "OMG, wow Steve, it has been so many years...", then my next question was "where does he live?".. Ahhhh...... just a few blocks down the road!

Réal and Steve have a very easy musical collaborative relationship! Things just work. So in 2004/5 we produced our first Original CD together along with the rest of the band at that time. (That band is still rolling..... http://www.closecall.ca ).

Back in Late 2013, (Réal provides music on Satuday's to a local church --- upbeat Guitar/Piano, the clap your hands stuff), Réal was planning an special event and asked Steve if he would join him... Next thing you know Réal's son Corey also offered to play bass and Roslyn joined in on Vocals.

After performing at a couple of events at other Churches we quickly realized that we had a special energy together. It flowed and we all enjoyed it.

Thus Closed Set! We have chosen about 30 popular songs (radio, dance, rock) and have transformed them to a high energy acoustic folk/celtic feel.

Closed Set is providing fun, party music that will not blow your ear drums off, but you can't resist tapping your feet and getting up and dancing and/or singing along.

On the further sub-menu's (future version of the site) you will find more about Corey, Réal, Roslyn and Steve.

Oh and did I mentioned that we are also song writers. We are presently (summer 2014) commencing recording of an up and coming album. We have 24 songs in the works and will pick 10 of the best..

Hope to you all at some event...